About Kiss-My-Lens

Created over 2.5 years ago, Kiss-My-Lens was set up as a ‘creative vent’ for a frustrated corporate ‘suit’ who masquerades as a budding photographer at night (and at weekends, and at any opportunity)….KML’s aim is to capture the moment with a hint of attitude but keeping the balance between style and raw edge…telling the story of emotions is the main priority….backed by the support of family and friends, some self belief and a lot of luck, the end product is what you see on your screen….hope you enjoy my portfolio…


2 Comments on “About Kiss-My-Lens

  1. Hello
    Just touching base to see if you are interested in photographing our wedding in late feb? What’s the best way to get in contact – thanks

    • Hi Katrina – apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I just spotted this email now in my inbox as I’ve not checked it over the Christmas break. I would usually be interested in taking your wedding shots but unfortunately I’ve got law exams at the start of March so I’ve had to rule out the couple of weekends prior to that 😦 I would far rather be taking wedding photos!! Thanks for the enquiry though – much appreciated!! Hope you can find someone quickly. I can highly recommend my friend Sayher Heffernan – http://www.sayherheffernan.com – he is excellent!!
      Kind regards

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