The Brunswick Boho Summer Photo Shoot

I couldn’t leave this photo shoot on Blogger…

Last week I thought it was time to brush up on my photography skills and take a lesson from a real pro in his trade….let me introduce Mr Sayher Heffernan ( the right man for the job and someone whose portfolio and work I have followed over the past 4 years in awe.

In a word Sayher is awesome at what he does and I want to be ‘awesome’ too (although I’m a long way off Sayher’s level of awesomeness…)

So it was back to basics and we went on a photo shoot mission up into funky Brunswick on a gorgeous 27 degree summers night with our lovely model Pia.

The aim of the game was to capture the warm ‘summer boho vibe’ and to then contrast that with the ambient night light from a very swish Albert Park Apartment.

And these, I am pleased to say, were my results….

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