Bali – Escape Haven and the land of contradictions

There has been a bit of a blog drought for a while (predominantly down to pesky legal studies and juggling a pretty busy day job) so I have finally got round to posting some more photos on here.

First up, Bali… After feeling completely frazzled and thinking life has taken its toll on me and my body, I took my lovely work colleague’s advice and booked myself in to a very luxurious surf and spa retreat in Seminyak over Easter.

As soon as I stepped into the gorgeous villa I knew I had landed in Heaven – the beautiful retreat oozed with grandeur and sheer luxury. A week in this place was going to be AMAZING with a capital A. And wrapped up in all that was the aim to make you leave revived, refreshed with a renewed mind, body and spirit – See more at:

With all things Bali, the world that exists outside of the four walls of the villa is a world poles apart. Bali is nothing but a contradiction. During my week of spa treatments, yoga and surfing, one of the events that brought it home how lucky I am was the bike ride through the rice paddy fields and villages of Ubud. Whilst the Balinese people strive to make you feel like Cleopatra for the week, their own life is very basic, simple but happy. Life and a million stories exist in the eyes of these people – it is precious.

I left on the plane from Denpasar Airport feeling eternally grateful for the life and opportunities I had been blessed with.

Bali 2014-4701-2

Bali 2014-4708

Bali 2014-4683

Bali 2014-4744-2

Bali 2014-4768

Bali 2014-4765-2

Bali 2014-4628

Bali 2014-4569-2


Bali 2014-4550-8

Bali 2014-4548

Bali 2014-4561

Bali 2014-4578-2

Bali 2014-4584

Bali 2014-4594-2

Bali 2014-4588

Bali 2014-4655-2

Bali 2014-4647-2

Bali 2014-4643




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