Alex and Patrice’s City Wedding

Back in May 2014, I shot a beautiful city wedding for Alex and Patrice.  Patrice hailing from France and now calling Melbourne his home met his wife Alex shortly after he first landed on Aussie shores.  The couple’s big day was influenced by Patrice’s French background and Alex’s family’s love of classic vintage cars – as you can imagine the wedding was classic, sophisticated and marked with a blush peach toned sunset at the end of a golden Autumn day.

Bali – Escape Haven and the land of contradictions

There has been a bit of a blog drought for a while (predominantly down to pesky legal studies and juggling a pretty busy day job) so I have finally got round to posting some more photos on here.

First up, Bali… After feeling completely frazzled and thinking life has taken its toll on me and my body, I took my lovely work colleague’s advice and booked myself in to a very luxurious surf and spa retreat in Seminyak over Easter.

As soon as I stepped into the gorgeous villa I knew I had landed in Heaven – the beautiful retreat oozed with grandeur and sheer luxury. A week in this place was going to be AMAZING with a capital A. And wrapped up in all that was the aim to make you leave revived, refreshed with a renewed mind, body and spirit – See more at:

With all things Bali, the world that exists outside of the four walls of the villa is a world poles apart. Bali is nothing but a contradiction. During my week of spa treatments, yoga and surfing, one of the events that brought it home how lucky I am was the bike ride through the rice paddy fields and villages of Ubud. Whilst the Balinese people strive to make you feel like Cleopatra for the week, their own life is very basic, simple but happy. Life and a million stories exist in the eyes of these people – it is precious.

I left on the plane from Denpasar Airport feeling eternally grateful for the life and opportunities I had been blessed with.

Bali 2014-4701-2

Bali 2014-4708

Bali 2014-4683

Bali 2014-4744-2

Bali 2014-4768

Bali 2014-4765-2

Bali 2014-4628

Bali 2014-4569-2


Bali 2014-4550-8

Bali 2014-4548

Bali 2014-4561

Bali 2014-4578-2

Bali 2014-4584

Bali 2014-4594-2

Bali 2014-4588

Bali 2014-4655-2

Bali 2014-4647-2

Bali 2014-4643




Lexi & Emmy with Gran and Papa

They say you should never work with children or animals…. On this occasion, my tiny models, Lexi and Emmy, were going to smash that myth by strutting their best moves and ensuring that Gran and Papa were involved in the action.  I’ve known both of these little ladies since their ultrasound photos and even then the camera adored them.

With Gran and Papa visiting from sunny Scotland, I was asked if I could take some relaxed family photos of them in their Sunday best down at Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.  Between the ideal setting, and the admiration between the grandparents and the girls, this was a lovely photo shoot that brought a smile to my face when viewing the results on screen.

Super cute…..with lots of hugs, love and giggles…. and here are the photos….



Hunting Street Art in Fitzroy

It’s the holidays and I’m using it as a good excuse to get out and get snapping.  On my own little adventure I hightailed it up to Brunswick St, Fitzroy with the aim of hunting down the vast array of street art on show.  Fitzroy is one of those areas that you turn down a laneway or a corner and BANG another SMACK of COLOUR hits you between the EYES.  Vibrant, young and funky are 3 words that pretty much sum Brunswick St up.  Here are the shots from my graffiti adventure…

Pulling out the Portrait Shots

I’ve been thinking I need to get out there and take some more street photography – I love the movement of people against city backdrops.  One of my favourite shoots was up in Brunswick at the beginning of the year.  I’ve been going through the raw files and there are still quite a few gems hidden away to keep my portrait/street photography cravings at bay until I find a new model (drop me a line if you are interested)… in the meantime here are some more of those shots from the ‘Brunswick Boho Summer Shoot’.

The FABULOUS Jules & Scott – My Best Mate’s Scottish Wedding

Julie is a force to be reckoned with – she’s my best mate from back home and one of the most loyal and caring friend that anyone could have.  

Jules and I met back in 2003 as young naive fresh faced and eager law summer clerks at Maclay Murray & Spens in Glasgow.  I was the girl from the tiny town of Banff with the thick doric accent ready to take on the big smoke and she was the East Kilbride girl who knew how to maximise shopping and clubbing at The Shack in Glasgow to the max.  Great mix…! We clicked immediately in that we both have pretty similar persona’s – what you see is what you get, we certainly don’t mince our words, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we both have the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos with no silver spoon shoved into either of our mouths.  Our styles, fashion, thoughts, and opinions are so in line that I we can read each other like a book…

Jules’ wedding day was always going to be a party and a grand, classy party at that.  I knew it would be a day that I would love to be my own and worth the 12,000 mile journey back from Australia just to see Jules walk up the aisle.  And as predicted, she wore my ideal dress and looked like a 1920’s Hollywood Great Gatsby Starlet (absolutely stunning and ready to get the formalities done so she could get onto more important stuff like literally ripping up the dance floor)!

Jules married her long term partner Scott (14 years to be exact) and I couldn’t be happier for the pair of them – they are a pair of ‘Stoaters’ (as Jules would say).

The day itself couldn’t be better – the gods were looking down on the new Mr and Mrs Brown to be as it was a glorious sunny warm autumn wedding in Ayr, Scotland (and not a cloud or drop of rain in sight)…….

And these are a couple of my guest shots…xx (PS I may have cheated on the last one…)

Carolyn & Chris’ Winery Wedding

Carolyn & Chris contacted me at the start of the year asking if I could come and shoot their big day down at the hillside winery, Clyde Park. Carolyn, who to all that knows her, is one of the most organised persons around and is not afraid of an excel spread sheet or two,  had looked around at other wedding photographers on the market and had made the decision that I was the right girl for the job.  Flattered that ‘word of mouth’ and a past recommendation had landed me the gig, I knew that there was a bit of expectation on my shoulders…a winter winery wedding and here are the shots…

The Hong Kong Experience

I’m in between my ‘grown up’ jobs at the moment and, other than being a lady of leisure for two weeks, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to take a break from Melbourne and catch up with my old man at an exotic half-way (from Scotland) location…

As Papa Lorimer had already booked his flights to mainland China, the location of some father daughter bonding was pretty much set without any further thought… destination Hong Kong.

I had never really experienced HK before, other than a sorry 4 days at the end of 3.5 months of backpacking round Asia Pac.  My only memory of the city was floating around Victoria harbour, on an old Star Ferry dinner cruise boat, cursing the minute I signed up to an ‘all inclusive’ dinner/entertainment cruise.  I wanted to do something ‘special’ on my last night of my backpacking adventure….However, hazy memories consisted of the stench of the ‘authentic’ fishy food, me being the youngest person on-board by around 40 years (with only 2 others speaking broken English), the most horrific karaoke dance rendition of the YMCA I have ever endured and menacing thoughts of jumping overboard were stuck very firmly in my head…. But maybe it was time to give this place another go…

A city once under British rule and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, HK is known not only for being one of the world’s main financial centres but for being one of the most densely populated cities in the world – and I can certainly vouch for that.  As soon as you step off the plane, swarms of people engulf you in a chaotic frenzy that you have no idea if you are actually walking or just being swept along in a tide of bodies whether that be on the city’s cobbled streets or in the vast maze of its underground metro system.

Hong Kong is a city of contradictions, where the wealthy live like opulent kings and the poor collect cardboard for shelter.  Freshly chopped meat carcasses are exposed to dirty lane ways whilst designer jewellery and bags drip from every counter on every corner with every outlet rammed.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect but HK opens your eyes to a city where East has met West and the marriage of the two has thrown up a juxtaposition – old world China intermingled with the dream of the Western wealth…the city overwhelms you (with or without a dinner cruise)…and here are the photos to prove it…..

Claire and Josh’s Coolart, Wetlands Wedding

Following my first venture into the unknown of solo wedding photography, Claire and Josh approached me in March last year and asked if I would like to come along to shoot their big day down in the Mornington Peninsula.  The wedding ceremony was to take place in the beautiful gardens of Coolart, Wetlands followed by the reception at the quintessential Merricks General Store.

As a young and sporty couple who were looking for a photographer to blend in rather than stand out and who wanted someone who would capture their guests just generally having a good time, I knew that Claire and Josh’s wedding would be a fun to shoot from the outset….and it didn’t disappoint  – the bride was gorgeous and gracious, the groom was so happy and relaxed that he could have been lying horizontal and the guests made sure that the party rocked!  The stand out moment of the day was the first dance – the best jive I’ve seen….Strictly Come Dancing eat your heart out….

The good, the bad and the ugly….

Ok, so I am not sure if this is the best idea moving across from the trusty Blogger ( to the hip and happening  world of wordpress (in fact it reminds me of the time that I apprehensively left Bebo for Facebook thinking it would never work and it was all too complicated) but I’ve decided to get to grips with technology and a clean interface in order to display my portfolio in a more professional light….so here we are, leaving the comfort blanket once again and breathing some new life into Kiss-My-Lens…but I couldn’t leave Blogger without taking some of the highlights with me….

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